A Success Story of SIEP

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A Success Story of SIEP

Student Internship Exchange Program between Rzeszow and Munich (2005 – 2011)

by Ulrich H. Lein ( Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć. )



Every baby has a father and a mother, and so it is with SIEP. Her Mother is Urszula QUENTIN, nee´as Urszula BUREK in Rzeszow region (see photo 1). Her Father is Ulrich H. LEIN, a Munich project management consultant  (see photo 2). Urszula and Ulrich are working as volunteers with Munich Municipal Robert – Bosch – Fachoberschule for Economics (www.wvr.musin.de), a school having a European Profile since 1998 because of its two main programs being supported by its Foerderverein (www.foerderverein-robert-bosch-fos.org):

In 2005 Urszula was attending Ludwig – Mamximilians – University in Munich and working on her University Diploma regarding Intercultural Communication between Polish and German employees. For this reason she made an interview with Ulrich. Thus SIEP was started.

In October 2005 Urszula, Guenter RAISS (who had established and headed SIEP, Munich Chapter,  until 2008, see photo 3) and Ulrich were invited to a meeting with principals of six Rzeszow schools, and a LEONARDO Agreement was concluded. In May 2007 they were invited by the former Principal of Zespol Szkol Ekonomicznych im. Marii Sklodowskiej – Curie in Rzeszow, and another LEONARDO Agreement was signed. From 2008 to 2011 about 30 students from Rzeszow and about 16 students from Munich took part in SIEP, thus performing internships with companies abroad of three to four weeks. Since 2008, Peter GROSSMANN (see photo 4) heads SIEP Department in Munich, and in Rzeszow a new Principal, Mrs. Grazyna SABIK, was inaugurated (in 2007). SIEP in Rzeszow is led by its  project manager, Mrs. Marta TURZANSKA, a teacher for German language (see photo 5).

Since 2006, about 60 students  from Rzeszow and from Munich, respectively, have performed internships abroad; they are ALUMNIS. In Rzeszow they are headed by Michal MARTON and Tomasz SIEKIERDA (see photo 6)

Munich students enjoyed weekend trips to Krakow and Oswiecim as well as to the countryside in Podkarpatie, organized and led by our volunteers Michal MARTON and Tomasz SIEKIERDA (see photo 6), because Munich students are not being accompanied by a Munich teacher.

Rzeszow students enjoyed trips to Garmisch (The Alp Mountains), to Neuschwanstein Castle and to the City of Salzburg (Austria) as well as sightseeing tours in Munich, the Capital of Bavaria, with about 1.4 million inhabitants.




SIEP is being supported by the Munich General Consulate of the Republic of Poland (see photo 3), and the Head of its Legal Department, Mrs. Bernadetta CZECH – SAILER, PhD, from Lancut  even had been a volunteer of SIEP, Munich Chapter, in 2007 / 08.

In addition, SIEP is also being supported by  Munich Municipal Robert – Bosch – Fachoberschule and its Principal, Mr. Johann DENK, as well as by its Foerderverein headed by Mrs. Anja – Verena REICH, a PR manager with ALLIANZ insurance group (see photo 7).

SIEP is looking forward to enable many more students from Rzeszow and Munich to  perform an internship abroad in order for  them  to gain intercultural experience and respect towards other people. Perhaps even job opportunities as well as vocational or university education abroad may come true because both regions host high – tech – companies:

With those high – tech – industries being financed mainly by the European Union, the chance of cross – border – cooperation between companies and Governments have   increased significantly. For the benefit of both countries and their people.


Photo 1: Urszula QUENTIN nee´ BUREK, Mother of SIEP


Photo 2: Ulrich H. LEIN, Father of SIEP


Photo 3: Guenter RAISS, Head of SIEP, Munich Chapter, until 2008


Photo 4: Peter GROSSMANN, Head of SIEP, Munich Chapter, since 2008


Photo 5: Marta TURZANSKA, Project Manager of SIEP, Rzeszow Chapter


Photo 6: Michal MARTON and Tomasz SIEKIERDA, ALUMNIS and volunteers of SIEP, Rzeszow Chapter

Photo 7: Mrs.Anja – Verena REICH, Head of Foerderverein of Municipal Robert – Bosch – Fachoberschule in Munich

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